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Psychotherapy is a practice in which treatment is tailored to your specific needs, fitting your unique personality.

Our time together will be held by strong, yet flexible limits. Take a breath, exhale, & call today.



Why Therapy?


An important thing to remember about anxiety is that if we completely eliminated it from our lives... we'd probably find ourselves in serious danger. Like all symptoms, anxiety serves a purpose unique to the individual. Getting more connected to your physical self using mindfulness techniques often leads to a deeper understanding of how anxiety works in your life. Learning more about the function of anxiety for you is crucial to getting symptoms like panic attacks under control.

Adjustment Issues

Whatever your age or circumstance, adjusting to life's constantly changing landscape is part of the picture. My practice of psychotherapy takes into account your specific situation and tailors treatment to tackle your issues, at your pace. Career changes, relationship issues, feeling "stuck", and stage of life progression are some examples of what may bring an individual into therapy.

Relationship Issues

Even if its your fantasy, living in a vacuum free from the influence of others wouldn't be easy to manage. We are relational beings. Therapy is a process that delves into what can be the most complicated relationship: the one we have with ourselves. Learning about this self-to-self relationship helps to inform the relationships we have with others. Our family, friends, and romantic and/or sexual relationships all contribute to the meaning we make of our lives.

Gender and Sexuality

As a therapist serving the LGBTQ population, I make it my mission to stay informed and open when listening to your issues involving gender and sexuality. Coming out, questioning your identity, or just wanting to explore a more vibrant or true expression of yourself are commonly areas of focus. Connecting you to the necessary outside resources as part of a larger community can also be a part of this type of treatment.

Balance and Personal Growth

I have a deep respect for anyone willing to take an honest look at themselves and crave a change. Finding your own balance and ways that you want to grow are prime examples of what I wish for all my clients. What will you find in yourself that surprises you? Psychotherapy is a process that allows you to refine yourself in ways that may even be bigger and brighter than your imagination can stretch.

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